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VIVOBASE Corporate – Save Your Employee in Companies from Harmful Radiations

Let’s discuss Vivobase Corporate. In the last few years, studies on the bad effect of electromagnetic smog are increased rapidly, this leads the people aware of electromagnetic radiation and smartphone radiations. Now a day the Businessmen at their offices, hoteliers in their hotels, and University managers. School directors are giving priority to the health and well-being of their employees, guests, and students.

In the previous time, it was not the same because such advanced technologies like smartphones and computers were rarely used by people. So the level of the radiation was low, but now this level is rising frequently.

In Italy, the smartphone radiations were found to be an activator for our brain tumor in a court judgment. In India, mobile telecommunications are strictly prohibited at schools and hospitals by the higher court due to health risks. Israel has also prohibited the WiFi connections in the kindergarten schools, preschools and banned its usage in the schools.

Measures for the protection from electromagnetic smog and smartphones radiations are taken by the concerned managers, according to the rules of their company, this is the part of the corporate health management.

VIVOBASE CORPORATE is manufactured for hotels, companies, offices, and all public sectors such as schools, universities, community, and coaching centers. It maintains a low level of radiations all the time by activating a protective shield in the environment.

The influence of the VIVOBASE CORPORATE is testimonial scientifically.


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