Vivobase Animal



VIVOBASE Animal – Save Your Pets, Farms, Animals Health from Harmful Radiations

VIVOBASE Animal is a pluggable device, designed & manufactured in Germany, that can be easily installed in your farms or outdoor into a regular power socket. This provides protection to the plants, pets, animals in the entire place from Electromagnetic Radiation. The protection radius is approximate 40m

This is a type of device that helps to protect animals as well as human beings from the harmful effects of the electromagnetic devices. Without interrupting the advantage of the latest technology. VIVOBASE ANIMAL provides you protection against the electromagnetic smog that is produced by the cell towers by creating a protective shield around you.

It also protects you from radiations that are produced outside the riding centers. If you have pets at your home, then you can bring VIVOBASE ANIMAL for your pets, it will protect from each type of electromagnetic smog that is produced by your smartphones, computers, and laptops, etc. This VIVOBASE product works great for animal husbandry, stables, farms, zoos, animal shelters, veterinary clinics for animals, pet daycare business, breeders and kennels, nocturnal houses and all those places where animals are kept.


  • Capable of protecting the animals within a radius of 40 M.
  • Completely waterproof as it can be placed in an area where water in the surrounding.
  • The influence of the VIVOBASE product is scientifically proven.
  • It will not interfere in the activities of your electronic devices.


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